Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Freddy Contest

For our neighborhood Christmas party I won Freddy for the white elephant gift exchange. Here's a picture of Freddy with my 2 year old. She was terrified of him at first, and now makes sure he wears a scarf when he goes outside.

Freddy has his own facebook account, and girlfriend. He's been to more places than I have since his previous owner was a pilot. So since Freddy is a part of my family for a year I thought it would be fun to bring him into my business and start a contest. Here's how it'll work.

Anyone who books a session with me gets the choice to include Freddy in a picture or two. At the end of the year the pictures with the most likes will win a free session of your choice. So get your creative juices flowing and send your friends and family to like my business page and then like your picture and you can win.

Here's a couple of examples that my girls and two nephews came up with.

I think it'll be fun, a bit strange, but what else am I going to do with a bodiless head for a year?!

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